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    Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Istanbul Turkey

    What Is Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery?

    gastric sleeve cost in turkey

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Istanbul Turkey is the best choice if are you have tried weight loss programs and exercises for years and have a significant amount of weight to shed? It is important to understand the pros and cons that make someone an ideal candidate for the procedure and what commitments you must make in order to maintain the results.

    In this procedure the surgeons will remove a portion of the stomach and then join the rest of it to create a size stomach, or “sleeve.” In a small bag (about 1/10th of the size of your stomach) it will make you feel fuller much faster than you did prior to. It’s unlikely that you’ll take in as much food as you did previously and this helps you shed weight. Furthermore, the procedure eliminates the stomach part which makes a hormone, which increases your appetite.

    It’s different from Gastric Bypass ?

    For the gastric bypass the surgeon creates small pouches that cover the majority of your stomach, directly to the colon.

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery is ideal for patients with an BMI (body mass index) that is at the minimum of 40. This means that you weigh 100 pounds or more above the ideal weight. There are some people who are too large to undergo gastric bypass procedure which is why it might be a viable alternative.

    What Happens After Gastric Sleeve ?

    After Gastric Sleeve Surgery In turkey

    The procedure takes around one hour. The surgeon will make couple of small cuts on the stomach area and then insert a laparoscopean instrument that has tiny cameras that can send images to a screen. The surgeon will introduce other medical instruments through the cuts, and then remove 3-4 percent of your stomach. After that, they’ll reconnect the remaining stomach into”sleeve” or tube “sleeve” (or tube).

    It is possible that you will be admitted to the hospital for two or three days. The procedure is permanent.

    New eating habits After Gastric Sleeve

    The day you first wake up after surgery the patient will drink clear fluids. At the time that you leave the hospital, you’ll be able to consume protein and pureed food shakes. You’ll continue to do this for approximately 4 weeks.

    Remember that you must change your eating habits for the rest of your life. After the initial month, you’ll shift to eating soft, solid food gradually. A few other tips to remember:

    • Every food item should be chewed thoroughly before swallowing.
    • Do not drink alcohol while eating because it could make your stomach overfill.
    • Take a drink half an hour after you’ve finished eating.
    • Avoid sodas that are high in calories and snacking.
    • Get mineral and vitamin supplements each day.

    After two or three months, you’ll be ready to return to your regular diet. Be aware that you might not be in a position to eat as many as you did in the past.

    How much weight will I lose after a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey?

    Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

    People typically shed 60% the extra weight in the span of 12-18 months. For example, if you’re 100 pounds overweight it is possible to lose 60 pounds, although there are some who lose more and some less. It’s true that exercise and eating well will aid in the weight reduction.

    Risks Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery 

    Infection bleeding, infection or, in rare instances leaks in the staple line could be a possibility. Following the surgery you might experience nausea vomiting, nausea or constipation..

    Certain foods might not be compatible with your current diet. There is a chance that you will develop nutritional problems following surgery. That is why it is important to supplement with vitamins and other supplements for the rest of your the rest of your life. Your physician will guide you about the specifics you require.

    What can you expect from a Gastric Sleeve procedure in Turkey?

    Gastric Sleeve in turkey free accommodation

    A gastric sleeve procedure in Turkey has become popular in the last 5 years, especially among travelers looking for affordable healthcare abroad. The procedure, also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy or VSG, is a more modern and advanced alternative to gastric bypass surgery and is performed using a minimally invasive technique, making it a quicker and less risky procedure than before. The procedure is available in Turkey at the European Hospital and costs around $6,000 USD. The gastric sleeve procedure limits the amount of food you can eat, so it is not suitable if you are overweight due to a medical condition. You should also be able to make decisions about your own healthcare, and fully understand the risks and benefits of the procedure before committing to surgery. You should also be able to maintain an exercise routine and healthy diet for the rest of your life. Following your gastric sleeve procedure in Turkey, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

    How long should I stay in Turkey after my Gastric Sleeve?

    In my opinion, the best place to stay in Turkey after a gastric sleeve surgery is Istanbul because you can combine your healthcare needs with your vacation needs. Istanbul is a very nice city. You can go shopping and sightseeing and stay close to your doctor. My husband and I stayed in Istanbul for two weeks. It was a good time to adjust to the new diet and to learn how to eat less than my usual portion size. I was able to lose weight without even trying. I lost around 10 pounds in the first week, then I started to eat a little bit more and my weight loss slowed down to around 3 pounds a week. 

    How long does it take to recover from Gastric Sleeve?

     Gastric Sleeve surgery is a very revolutionary weight loss surgery that produces very quick and lasting results. How long does it take to recover from Gastric Sleeve surgery? Gastric sleeve surgery is a very revolutionary weight loss surgery that produces very quick and lasting results. With the help of this surgery you can achieve a weight loss of up to 50 kg (approximately 110 pounds). It is a very risky procedure, but if your weight is a serious problem for your health, it is the best solution for you. The surgical technique is not very hard and the recovery time is quite fast. The main thing is to follow the doctor’s recommendations about the aftercare.

    Gastric Sleeve surgery in turkey

    One of the most common questions many prospective weight loss surgery patients have is why Turkey is such a popular destination for gastric sleeve surgery. Turkey is a popular destination for gastric sleeve surgery because of the procedure costs. Turkey is a popular destination for gastric sleeve surgery because of the procedure costs. Gastric sleeve surgery is a relatively inexpensive procedure in Turkey and is also a much safer option than the United States. Gastric Sleeve surgery is a highly popular procedure in the United States, but it is much cheaper to have gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. Gastric sleeve surgery in the United States costs close to $30,000 and in Turkey, it costs about $4,000.

    Is there a high success rate for Gastric Sleeve Surgeries in Turkey?

    There are many stories about people who have gone to Turkey for gastric sleeve surgeries. And these people have shared a lot of positive reviews about the experience they had. We’ve also heard stories of people who travelled to Turkey for other surgeries, like tummy tucks. But, did they have a good experience? Did the surgery go well? Did they end up with a good result? Did it cost them less money than it would have, if they had it done in their home country? It’s hard to tell. We want to hear these stories and help others make informed decisions. If you’ve had gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey we’d love to hear your story. Or if you’ve had gastric sleeve surgery in your home country, let us know what you think about the process and the result. We’d love to hear about your experience.

    Gastric Sleeve All-Inclusive Package in Turkey

    All operating costs include the costs listed below:

    • Preoperative Examinations
    • Examination of Anesthesia Physician
    • Medical examination for chest disease
    • Examination of Cardiology Physician
    • Gastric Sleeve Surgery by Surgeon
    • Latest Technology Operating Room Supplies (Medtronic)
    • General Anesthesia
    • 1 Year post-operative control of the physician (via WhatsApp)
    • One Year Support for Dieticians for the Dietician following Surgery (via WhatsApp)
    • Lifelong patient care after surgery (via WhatsApp)
    • Treatments that can be administered following surgery
    • Supplements to use following surgery
    • Varicose Vein Stockings
    • Breathing Exercise Device
    • VIP Transfers (SAW Airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, etc.)
    • 3-4 Nights Hotel Accommodation

    Gastric Sleeve Results

    The aim is to assist patients in losing 10-15 to 25kgs over the first month after the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, in the 3rd month weight loss will slow with the potential for stomach expansion. Patients typically lose 30-40 kg by the end of the month.

    Check-ups on how much weight was lost by the patient at the conclusion of the procedure and treatment as well as how quickly the stomach as well as the stomach healed as well as the length of time this occurred (week or month) and so on. It is crucial to follow up on the subject and educate the patient. In accordance with these standards the patient is able to determine the amount he earns through the process with regard to personal income.

    This is why they are monitored under the supervision of the hospital. The surgeon as well as the patients are provided with the needed feedback regarding the procedure.

    What are the Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery ?

    A laparoscopic sleeve-gastrectomy procedure may provide benefits like less discomfort, a lesser chance of infection, quicker recovery and return to normal activities, very small cuts to the skin and a shorter hospital stay.

    In addition, there are advantages. Gastric Sleeve surgery can provide:

    • A weight loss of 40 to 70% over the course of one year
    • Stomach function was preserved because there was no change in the stomach’s input or exit valves throughout the operation.
    • Since there are no changes within the small intestine, the possibility of deficiency in minerals and vitamins could also be considered one of the benefits of this method.

    How long will gastric sleeve surgery require?

    The procedure is carried out with general anesthesia. The gastric Sleeve procedure takes on approximately 1.5 hours. Because the entrance and exit portion of the stomach are secured and the continuity of digestion is assured The risks associated with gastric tube surgery are very low and the negative adverse effects are described as extremely rare. Today, gastric sleeve surgery is the most popular procedure for treating overweight. Like all procedures, stomach reduction surgeries could have adverse consequences when they’re not done by a trained team with the appropriate circumstances, and using the appropriate method.

    What’s the major differences between endoscopic and laparoscopic gastric surgical sleeve?

    Endoscopic gastric sleeve surgery an approach where an area of stomach gets cut through an endoscopic procedure, with no incisions unlike conventional surgery. Following the procedure, the patient begins into the weight loss process in a balanced way and long-lasting outcomes can be obtained within a short period of period of time. After the initial year average weight loss is an average of 17-20 percent. So the ideal form is accomplished both in terms aesthetics, and many serious illnesses caused by obesity are avoided.

    But, the Endoscopic gastric sleeve can be described as an approach to expanding the stomach endoscopically which means, entering it through the mouth without making incisions.

    It is Laparoscopic gastric sleeve operation however is a surgical procedure that allows patients to heal quicker and less painfully as opposed to open surgery.

    Laparoscopic surgery is an more gentle and pleasant surgical process. Patients who undergo surgery using this method heal faster and feel less uncomfortable during recovery. Additionally, laparoscopic surgery decreases the time required for the procedure and also its risk-to-benefit proportion.

    how much is a gastric sleeve in turkey ?

    The average cost of gastric bypass surgery in the United States and Canada tends to be around $20,000 to $25,000 but prices in Turkey are much lower. The average cost of gastric bypass surgery in Turkey tends to be about 3999£.

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