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Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

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    Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

    fedmekirurgi i tyrkiet
    gastric sleeve koster tyrkiet

    Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey is among the most commonly used kinds of bariatric surgery involves malabsorptive and restrictive methods. A Gastric bypass is a surgical procedure which helps you lose weight by altering how your stomach , and the small intestines handle the food you consume.

    Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure where the stomach is separated into a pouch that is small and a larger smaller “remnant” pouch and then the small intestine is moved to join both. Also, unlike sleeve-gastrectomy, the stomach’s remaining tissue is not removed.

    This means that food doesn’t get into the remaining section of the stomach, but gastric juice and the enzymes remain in this region for the purpose of aiding in process of digestion as well as absorption food. As a result, those who undergo this procedure are able to lose weight because they consume less food and their calories consumed are reduced because of the smaller stomach, while the absorption of nutrients that are high in calories is reduced due to a close connection of the stomach portion of the stomach and small intestinal. This procedure is able to assist in lose weight through two distinct methods.

    It is a Gastric bypass is carried out through laparoscopy, and is not connected with deep skin cuts or discomfort. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. on average, the surgery will last for about one hour.

    An extensive evaluation is carried out prior to undergoing a gastric bypass. The patient is examined by various specialists, such as pulmonologists, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, and endocrinologists. Patients undergo the test for leak on day 2 of the procedure and will be released out of the institution on Day 3.

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