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    Brow Lift Surgery In Turkey

    What is A Brow Lift Surgery ?

    brow lift surgery before after

    A Brow Lift Surgery can improve facial appearance, brow and the region around the eyes, by lifting the soft tissue and the skin of the forehead and the brow.

    It is possible to opt for the brow lifted when you have a thin eyebrow, sagging or anasymmetry. The brow lift could also increase your confidence in yourself.

    A brow lift could be performed on its own or in conjunction together with other facial procedures for example, the eyelid procedure (blepharoplasty) and a facelift.

    Why You Need A Brow Lift Surgery ? 

    brow lift surgery in turkey

    The brows are a common cause of aging and tend to drop down. When soft and skin tissues become less elastic and the distance between eyebrows and eyelashes can also be reduced.

    The lower location of eyebrows could make you appear exhausted, angry, or sad. A brow lift can lift eyebrows and give an attractive, refreshed appearance.

    You may want to consider an brow lift if have a sagging or low the brow, which is causing the appearance of sagging upper eyelids.

    What Are The Risks Of Brow Lift Surgery ? 

    A brow lift can pose a variety of risk factors, including:

    • Scarring. Scarring might be apparent after a lift of the brow.
    • Skin sensation changes. A brow lift may cause temporary or even permanent numbness of the forehead or the top of the scalp.
    •  An asymmetry of the positioning of the eyebrows. A brow lift could result in asymmetry with either or both eyebrows appearing excessively high. But, the asymmetry could even come appear during the process of healing. The brow’s shape or position issues can be addressed with additional surgeries.
    • Hair issues. A brow lift could result in an elevated hairline or loss of hair near the point of the incision. If hair loss does not stop by itself the issue can be addressed by scar excision or hair transplantation.

    Similar to any other major procedure the brow lift has the possibility of infection, bleeding, and a reaction adverse to anesthesia.

    How do you make

    At first, you’ll consult an aesthetic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon regarding an eyebrow lift. In your initial appointment, your doctor will most likely:

    Examine your medical background. 

    Be prepared to answer questions regarding current and previous medical illnesses. Discuss any medication you’ve taken or are taking recently, and any surgeries you’ve undergone. Discuss with your doctor if have an allergy to one of the medication.

    Perform a physical examination.

     To determine your treatment options, your doctor will take a look and evaluate the various areas of your face, with your eyes closed and open. The doctor may also take photos to record your medical history.

    Review your goals.

    Explain why you would like to lift your brows and what you’re expecting in terms of appearance following the procedure. Make sure you are aware of the advantages and dangers.

    Before having a brow lift, you may also be required to:

    Do not smoke. 

    Smoking decreases blood flow through the skin and slows recovery. Smokers, your physician may recommend stopping smoking prior to surgery and throughout the recovery.

    Do not take certain medicines. 

    You’ll likely need to stay away from taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines and herbal supplements that can cause bleeding to increase.

    Make arrangements for assistance in the course of recovery. 

    Make plans for someone to transport you home once you have left the hospital. Stay there for at the very least the first night of your recuperation at your home.

    What are the things you can be prepared to

    The procedure is performed in the hospital or in an outpatient surgical clinic. In a brow lift procedure, you’ll generally be at ease with the help of a general anestheticwhich makes you unconscious.

    During the process

    Brow lift procedures differ based on your goals. The method the surgeon selects will determine the exact location of the incisions, as well as the resultant scars.

    Your doctor may employ one of these techniques:

    Endoscopic eyebrow lift. 

    Eyebrow lift in turkey

    Your surgeon will make a few small incisions along your hairline. The surgeon will introduce a thin, long tube, with a lamp and tiny camera at the side (endoscope) into one of these cuts to examine your muscles and the tissues.

    Utilizing an instrument that is inserted through another cut the surgeon will raise the forehead tissues and secure them with sutures or screws of a small size or another method. The incisions will be sealed with sutures or small clips.

    Coronal forehead lifting.

    Your surgeon will create an incision below your hairline on to the upper part of the head from ear to ear , or predominantly on high point of your scalp. The surgeon will then lift your forehead to its new position with your scalp directly in front of the cut covering the hairline behind it.

    The scalp that is overlapping is removed and the remainder of the scalp is then sewn. This is not usually used by those with excessive hairlines, thin hair or are likely to lose hair.

    Hairline lift of the brow.

    Hairline lift of the brow turkey

    Your surgeon will create an incision in at the forehead’s top and the start the hairline. The surgeon will remove a small amount tissue and skin from the forehead’s top and not your scalp. This means that your hairline will not have to be pulled out.

    A browlift for hairline is usually used when you have a receding hairline. However, depending on how the procedure heals the scar may appear in the hairline.

    The procedure for lifting the eyebrows typically takes approximately one to two hours.

    Following the procedure

    After a brow lift your forehead could be wrapped loosely to reduce swelling. A small tube could be placed on the site of incision to remove any excess fluid or blood.

    The doctor will provide you with specific instructions on how to treat the cuts. The initial few days following the procedure:

    • Relax your head with your back up and take pain medications as directed by your physician.
    • Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling.
    • Be careful not to expose your incisions to pressure or movement that is too intense

    When your incisions heal you may experience itching or the sensation of numbness will diminish as time passes. If the incisions are wrapped with bandages, your physician will likely to remove them within between one and three days. Sutures usually are removed within seven to ten days after surgery.

    Consult your physician about when you can return to daily activities for example, drying and washing your hair as well as bathing. Be aware that swelling could last for some time.

    The lines that are incisions fade over time. It is possible to use makeup to hide any bruises.

    After a brow lift consult your physician immediately If you are suffering from:

    • Breathing shortness
    • Chest pain
    • Heartbeat irregularity

    brow lift surgery cost In Turkey 

    The average cost for brow lift in Turkey is $1900 (all-inclusive package), However, The cost may vary from one clinic to another, and there are a few more factors that can affect your average Brow lift surgery cost in Turkey.

    The average cost for an brow lift is $3900 as per 2020 figures of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The cost of this procedure is just one component of the total cost that does not include operating room facilities, anesthesia or any other associated costs. Consult with the office of your plastic surgeon to determine the cost of your procedure.

    The majority of health insurance plans don’t pay for brow lifts or the complications that accompany it, but numerous plastic surgeons offer financing options, so make sure to inquire.

    The cost of a brow lift could comprise:

    • Anesthesia costs
    • Costs for hospitals or surgical facilities
    • Medical tests
    • Post-surgery clothes
    • Prescriptions for medications
    • Surgeon’s fee

    Results Of Brow Lift In Turkey 

    Brow lift Before After

    by lifting the soft tissue and the skin on your forehead as well as brows the brow lift will give your face a younger appearance.

    Be aware that the results of a brow lift won’t last for long. As you age , your facial skin may start to lose its elasticity. The sun’s damage can also alter your skin.

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