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    Beauty is power

    Here at ClinicN1  our board-certified team surgeons can expertly shape and define your physique in order to assist patients achieve that slim and attractive body they’ve always wanted.

    We are focused on the surgeon-guided and patient-centered approach which helps you achieve the best result for the body you. The goals you set for yourself guide all we do, regardless of whether you’re trying to create the look of a slimmer waistline or reduce the sagging skin around your arms.

    See more sculpted, firmer and appear significantly younger thanks to our highly trained team of plastic surgeons. Take a look at our different options to get started on your transformation, no matter if you’re dealing with a difficult location or issues that result by weight loss or pregnancy.

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    Body Contouring

    Body Contouring

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      Don’t wait to start your journey towards stunning, natural-looking cosmetic results.

      ClinicN1 delivers outstanding aesthetic results in a pleasant and modern setting. Our elite team of board-certified plastic surgeons are the best at what they do, delivering your desired vision to the highest standard. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a broad range of procedures from reconstructive surgery to all aspects of cosmetic surgery. Before, during, and after your procedure our attentive care makes you feel as good as you look… and you look exceptional.

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