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Gastric Band Surgery In Turkey Cost ?

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    Gastric Band Surgery In Turkey Cost ?

    Gastric Band Surgery In Turkey Cost ?

    What is Gastric band surgery ?

    Gastric band surgery in turkey is a common type of weight-loss surgery that is used among severely obese individuals. The procedure involves putting an adjustable band around the top part of your stomach to limit the amount of food the patient can eat , which in turn causes their stomach and intestines to shrink.

    gastric band surgery in turkey

    How does a gastric band work?

    The gastric band can be put on your stomach, creating a small stomach pouch that is just above the band. the majority of your stomach beneath the band.

    You are still able to drink fluids and consume small portions of food. However, you shouldn’t consume a lot of food at one time. After eating small portions, the pouch is filled up fast, which means you are fuller sooner than you would normally and last for a longer period of time. This means that you consume less and eat more slowly, which helps you shed weight.

    The surgeon can make your gastric band through injecting liquid via a port that sits under the skin on your stomach. This alters the speed at which food is able to pass through the pouch and into the lower portion in your stomach. This ensures that you lose slowly the appropriate amounts of pounds.

    The way gastric band surgery is successful is contingent on whether you’re in a position to live an active lifestyle following the procedure. You’ll have to change your diet and become more active. Also, you must be cautious with drinks that are high in calories such as alcohol since they could continue to pass through the gastric band.

    Who can have a gastric band?

    gastric band in turkey cost

    It is possible to undergo gastric band surgery if:

    • Have a body mass index (BMI) at 40 or higher that is between the ages of 35-40, and an illness like hypertension or diabetes.
    • You’ve already tried all the possible treatment options, such as exercising, diet and weight-loss medications (as suggested by your doctor)
    • Are generally in good enough health to undergo general anaesthetic or surgery
    • They are committed to a long-term, ongoing monitoring, which includes regular check-ups and making lifestyle adjustments
    • are ready to attend regular follow-up appointments.

    It is possible that you will not be able to wear a gastric bands if you suffer from particular long-term health issues. This includes inflammation of the bowelheart disease and mental problems. You might need to undergo an evaluation of your mental health if your doctors are concerned regarding your health.

    If you’re extremely overweight ( obese) Your doctor might suggest an obesity management service to determine if surgery is suitable for you. Should gastric band surgeries might be a good option for you, then you may be eligible for it through the NHS. However, this is contingent on whether or not the procedure is accessible in your region. You might be able to get the surgery done privately.

    Deciding on gastric band surgery

    Gastroscopic band surgeries are an important procedure. It’s crucial to fully understand the procedure, as well as the potential complications and what to expect following the procedure.

    If you’re considering having a gastric band your doctor will discuss it with you. They’ll also speak to you about different types of weight-loss surgeries, such as the sleeve-gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Your surgeon will help you choose the best option for you.

    Here are some things to take into consideration.

    • A gastric band can assist you lose weight. It could also help lower the risk of several illnesses, including high blood pressure, diabetes as well as excessive cholesterol. If you have already been diagnosed with these issues it could help manage them.
    • Every person loses a different amount of weight, but the majority of people lose less than half of their weight in about two years. Some people lose the amount they would like to.
    • Certain studies suggest that different kinds of weight-loss surgery could perform better over the long run.
    • There may be a need for your gastric band taken off or replaced. This could be due to the band slides down the stomach or it erodes into it. For more information, visit our section on the complications of gastric band surgeries.

    The loss of weight following a gastric band operation is generally positive. However, you might find it difficult to adjust to your life and appearance following the procedure. Consult your doctor or surgeon if it’s difficult to deal with the changes. They might suggest a patient support group where you can seek advice from others who’ve undergone similar operations.

    Make sure you’re pleased with your choice to wear gastric bands. If you’re uncertain about anything you’re not sure about, don’t hesitate to inquire. No question is too small. It’s essential to be well-informed, so that you are comfortable giving your approval for the operation to take place. You could be asked to sign the consent form.

    Preparing for gastric band surgery

    gastric band surgery in turkey

    You’ll have to undergo some examinations and blood tests to ensure you’re ready to undergo the procedure. These tests can also determine whether or not you suffer from any health issues that are related to obesity.

    Your lifestyle and eating habits are likely to change once you’ve had your operation. You’ll be provided with information about what you can eat and drink after the procedure and your physician will talk to you about this prior to your procedure.

    If you smoke or use tobacco, you’ll be told to stop smoking – typically within a couple of weeks prior to the procedure. Tobacco smoking could increase your risk to develop wound infections and could also trigger complications. It is possible that you will be required to adhere to the low-calorie, low carbohydrate diet for a brief period prior to the operation. This will aid in shrinking the liver and make it safer and easier to place the bandage in the right place.

    The gastric band procedure is performed in the presence of general anaesthesia that means that you will be asleep during the procedure. You must fast prior to receiving an anaesthetic general. You’ll receive clear instructions on when to stop drinking and eating. It is important to adhere to the guidelines.

    The day before the procedure the surgeon will consult with you to make sure whether you’re healthy and willing to go ahead. The hospital staff will perform any final tests and prepare you for your surgery. It could be that they ask to wear compression stockings, or having an injection of anticlotting medication to stop DVT. (DVT).

    What happens during gastric band surgery?

    gastric band surgery in turkey

    The gastric band will be placed using the keyhole (laparoscopic) procedure. Your surgeon will carry out the operation by inserting instruments through several small cuts within your stomach, instead of one huge cut.

    The surgeon will wrap the band on portion of your stomach that is at the top creating the stomach to form a small pouch over the band. A small piece of tubing connects the band with an injection port is placed under the skin of your stomach. The surgeon will use the port for injecting fluid in the band to either tighten or loosen it. They’ll stitch the tubing in it just under the skin.

    The surgeon will then close the wounds in your stomach. The procedure is typically done using dissolvable stitches , but they could also make use of clips that will be removed within a week or so.

    What to expect afterwards

    At the hospital

    It is recommended take a break until effects from the anaesthetic been absorbed. You might also require pain relief in order to alleviate any discomfort.

    There will be a drip in a vein inside your arm or hand to supply fluids until you’re able to drink. You’ll be urged to leave the bed and get moving when you are able to. This will lower the risk of an infection in the chest, as well as the chance of developing leg blood clots. Your nurse will offer information on caring for your wounds that are healing before you leave and will set a time to schedule a follow-up appointment.

    Returning to home

    It’s normal to leave later on the day of the operation or the next day. Be sure that someone is able to take you home and , if feasible remain there for a few hours or so until the anaesthetic is fading off. You are able to continue taking prescription painkillers at home as you require these.

    The gastric band will be partially filled after surgery and you’ll need to be cautious about the food you consume immediately. Your dietitian or surgeon will inform you when you’ll be able begin eating and drinking something.

    It can take one or two weeks to heal from the gastric band procedure and resume your normal routine. Everyone is different, therefore it’s essential to follow the instructions of your surgeon. If you’re struggling with your health with your illness, talk about it with you GP or surgeon. You can also join an in-person support group.

    You’ll have to attend regular follow-up visits following the procedure to get your gastric band re-adjusted. This will help ensure you are losing the correct amounts of fat.

    Your long-term health

    After procedure, you’ll require regular review sessions with your nurse or doctor. They’ll let you know when and how often. You might need to undergo blood tests to ensure that your liver functions properly. It is possible that you will be required to have your levels of vitamin and mineral also checked frequently.

    It is necessary to make adjustments to your food habits following the gastric band procedure. A dietitian can assist to make the appropriate modifications for you. It is also possible to take a regular mineral and vitamin supplement to ensure that you’re getting the nutrients you require.

    You’ll receive printed details on what to consume and drink following your surgery, and your physician will talk to you about this.

    Getting pregnant

    You could become pregnant following the gastric band procedure. But , you should wait for at least a year until you’ve reached a weight that is stable, before you attempt to have the birth of a child. If you do become pregnant then your doctor will keep an check on the weight gain and make sure that you’re getting the proper nutrients. It’s likely that you’ll have a check-up every three months and might require a visit to your dietitian on a regular basis. It’s also possible to alter your band throughout your pregnancy, or possibly removed completely. If you’re thinking of becoming pregnant or are aware that you’re pregnant, consult your physician for guidance.

    Complications from gastric band surgery

    Like any other type of surgery gastric band procedures, gastric band surgery may create certain complications. This includes:

    • A reaction that is unexpected to the anaesthetic
    • too much bleeding
    • A blood clot ( deep vein thrombosis or DVT)

    Gastric band surgery may result in other complications as well. They include:

    • An infection in your gastric band, tube that runs under your skin, or within any of the cuts you’ve made the skin could be red or swollen when this happens
    • A stomach injury or any other organs in the vicinity for example, the oesophagus. This can happen during surgery.
    • the gastric band of your stomach is sliding out of alignment, leaking and deflating, or gradually progressing through your stomach wall in this case, it will have to be removed or removed.
    • gallstones If you shed weight too fast – they could cause pain, and you might need an operation to remove your gallbladder to get out the gallstones

    Consult your surgeon or doctor If you experience any problems after procedure, for example:

    • A excessive temperature (fever)
    • Finding it difficult to swallow
    • Tummy hurt
    • chest pain
    • struggling to breathe.
    • being very sick

    Some people do not lose the weight they would like to following the surgery. Some people gain weight on after having lost it. If this occurs the doctor might suggest alternative treatments, like Gastric bypass surgeries.

    If you’re experiencing problems You can take your gastric band off. It is possible that you decide you’re not interested in it anymore. Many individuals opt to remove their gastric band due to the fact that they find it difficult to endure the band and an extremely limited diet. The removal of a gastric band may typically be accomplished with keyhole surgery. However, if you opt to are having your band removed, without using a different weight-loss procedure, you’re more likely to add weight back to the weight that you’ve lost. If you have any issue in your band after it’s been placed, you may be able to have a different band put on. You may also be able to undergo another procedure like gastric bypass or a sleeve-gastrectomy.

    Following gastric band surgery, you might notice wrinkles of skin added to certain areas of your body. It can be embarrassing or uncomfortable. The skin can become affected, inflamed, or sore, or even infected. It is possible to undergo cosmetic surgery, for instance, an stomach or tummy tuck as well as an uplift of the breast procedure to eliminate the excess skin. However, you’ll typically have to wait between 12 and 18 months following your gastric band operation. The procedure isn’t normally offered through the NHS.

    Gastric Band In Turkey Cost 

    In US and Canadian dollars gastric band costs vary between $25,000 to $20,000. But the Turkish price is still very cheap. In Turkey gastric bypass costs are averaging around 999£.

    how much is gastric band surgery in turkey?

    In US and Canadian dollars gastric band costs vary between $25,000 to $20,000. But the Turkish price is still very cheap. In Turkey gastric bypass costs are averaging around 999£.

    How much weight can you lose with a gastric band?

    Everyone loses a different amount of weight. This may depend on what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re doing after your surgery. For more information, see our section on what to expect afterwards.

    Can I have my gastric band removed?

    If your gastric band is causing problems or you don’t want it anymore, you can have it taken out. But you may put the weight back on if you don’t have another weight-loss procedure. For more information, see our section on complications of gastric band surgery.

    Can I get pregnant if I have a gastric band?

    You can get pregnant after having a gastric band. But it’s best to wait at least a year or so, until you have reached a stable weight, before you try for a baby. For more information, see our section on what to expect afterwards.

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